Zreyas Training

  • Zreyas Education simply means education/training for "Senior Managements and Engineers" of the corporate."Zreyas" is Sanskrit root word for senior and wise.
  • Although there exist thousands of training courses for developers in emerging IT areas,advances technology courses that are required to train executives on decision making and strategic guidance are quite few and far in between.
  • In Zreyas education we focus on "custom advanced courses" required to train executives,entrepreneur and investors in latest area of Iot, Big Data analytics, Marketing Anaytics, Secutity, Cloud and Mobility.Our courses are suitable for Engineering and business managers, CXOs, Directors, VPs and Entrepreneurs because we provide indepth vision of technology, its evolution, case studies, hands-on and future.
  • Our trainers are hand-picked top industrial leaders in their verticals.
  • We work mostly through local 'Corporate Training Partner' who manage the logistics of training and end client relationship.While we focus on developing the advanced courses and trainers who can cover that geographic region