Amazon Lambda Service:

For web services, Zreyas always prefer to run them on Amazon Lambda Service, Amazon IoT and Amazon Analytic service. With our experience we have learned native web services such as big data applications developed over Amazon EC2 ( or other servers) takes way longer time to deploy in production scale. To achieve scalability, maintainability, full dev-ops and continuous deploy-ability millions of dollar worth of IT investment is required when a company moves from proof of concept (POC) to production. Where as in Amazon Lambda service, your POC can be deployed as production and can be served to millions of users without having to think about scalability of services,deploying more servers etc. Therefore, in Zreyas we have adhered to Amazon SaaS /PaaS services to offer solution to our clients who no longer need to think about infrastructure. In the past, development that would require millions of dollars to be deployed in production scale, can be now achieved under $50k or so by using Amazon SaaS services.


Zreyas Technology work in the field of IoT and have developed a complete IoT-based platform for predictive maintenance of Machines and Electrical Systems, using single sensor platform, where we have all the seven layers of technology starting from Sensor network, Hardware, Firmware, IoT Middleware, Big Data cloud, Big Data analytics to mobile visualisation and dashboard.

Hybrid Mobile Application:

In Zreyas, our development is focused on web service integrated mobile application. We use Amazon Lambda Service as web back end, so that scalability, maintainability and reliability is achieved in day one and no need to ramp from POC to production. Hybird framework used is Ionic-2 or Cordova. Thus we offer latest state of the art Amazon SaaS services for your mobile development. This reduces the fixed and operational cost,time of development and pain of maintaining servers.

Mobile app for Electronics/Sensor ( Embedded App):

From 2012, Zreyas has focused on mobile apps that are connected to device via WiFi/BLE/Zigbee. Since Zreyas develops the Hardware as well, for a long time, Zreyas has developed several mobile apps for new sensor devices.
Design of Industrial Sensor / Control Device: Zreyas has been developing wireless integrated Industrial sensors since 2012 and till to date has designed more than 30 sensors. Zreyas has capability of designing all kinds of connected sensors and their mechanical housings using attractive and new polymer materials.