For the first time in India Zreyas has launched a complete training and internship program in all different domains of Internet of Things (IoT) & Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for the students to come up with the latest industry trends and get expose to the Industry standards. We offer training to all different year students along with a internship opportunity.


  • Pi-Coder is a result of joint initiative between TIG Supremo Satyam Ray Chaurdhuri and US based technology entrepreneur Dr Biplab Pal. Dr Pal is running two IoT companies in US and India.Based on his experience to deal with young graduates in his company,he strongly felt the need of a new kind of training program where students will have high  degree  of exposure to  technology  product building, practical problem solving than learning  dry theories. He  approached Satyam  RayChaudhuri  with his  idea of "product internship based training" who promptly agreed to work together to build such a program which will train the young engineering graduates and high school  students with latest  technology, product and entrepreneurship skills.

STEM Coder

  • STEM Coder courses have been designed by Dr Biplab Pal, who is CTO of MachineSense LLC in Baltimore. Based on his experience, he envisioned courses in Data Science and App design which is focused on building products that students can build.In this program,students will be using Python coding and their acquired knowledge of Mathematics in school to build new fun products and games.Idea is to give them exposure of how to use acquired knowledge of Mathematics that they have already learned in the school.